Classes and Training Opportunities

Below is a list of courses and other training opportunities for instrumentation at Yale.

Yale University Courses

APHY 321b / EENG 401b, Semiconductor Silicon Devices and Technology 
APHY 418b / EENG 418b, Heterojunction Devices
BENG 205: Discovery and Design in Biomedical Research
BENG 410a, Physical and Chemical Basis of Bioimaging and Biosensing   
BENG 411: BioMEMS and Biomedical Microdevices 
BENG 444: Fundamentals of Medical Imaging
BENG 485: Fundamentals of Neuroimaging  
CBIO 701:  Illuminating Cellular Function
CHEM 560L: Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory
CHEM 562L / PHYS 762: Laboratory in Instrument Design and the Mechanical Arts
CHEM 564L: Advanced Mechanical Instrumentation
CHEM 565: Introduction to Scientific Glassblowing
EENG 203: Circuits and Systems Design 
EENG 325: Electronic Circuits
EENG 348 / CPSC 338: Digital Systems
EENG 426: / ENAS 876: Silicon Compilation 
ENAS 118: Introduction to Engineering, Innovation, and Design
ENAS 450 / APHY 450 / MENG 450: Advanced Synchrotron Techniques and Electron Spectroscopy of Materials
MENG 185: Mechanical Design
MENG 325: Machine Elements and Manufacturing Processes 
 MENG 363L, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Laboratory    
MENG 390: Mechatronics Laboratory
MENG 400: Computer-Aided Engineering 
MENG/BENG 404: Medical Device Design and Innovation
MENG 487L / MENG 488L: Mechanical Design: Process and Implementation I 
MENG489: Mechanical Design: Process and Implementation
NSCI 229 / PSYC 229: Laboratory in Human Neuroscience  
NSCI 240 / PSYC 230: Research Methods in Human Neuroscience 
PHYS 210: Electronics for the Physicist 
See also courses listed by the Department of Statistics and Data Science

Other Training Opportunities

CEID Workshops
Wright Lab Workshops
YCRC Workshops