Yale Day of Instrumentation 2020

Transforming the future of discovery

List of registered participants

Friday, January 24, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Yale Science Building, 260 Whitney Ave - Marsh Lecture Hall

Goals of the 2020 Yale Day of Instrumentation: 
  • Continue to develop the campus community around instrumentation development at Yale.
  • Update the community on recent developments and next steps.
  • Seek input from the campus community on the needs and next steps in the instrumentation initiative at Yale.

Program Agenda (PDF version)

8.30 Registration - YSB Lobby
9.00 Introductions and welcome -  Marsh Lecture Hall

  • Scott A. Strobel, Provost
  • Jeff Brock, Dean of Sciences, FAS
  • Michael Crair, Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs, Yale School of Medicine
  • Karsten Heeger, Joerg Bewersdorf, co-organizers of YDoI

9.15 Role of instrumentation and technology development in science  -  Marsh Hall

9.35 Core Facilities and Instrumentation Development at Yale -  Marsh Hall

  • Lisa D’Angelo, Associate Provost for Research
  • Ben Myers, Director of Research Cores (Central)
  • Janie Merkel, Director of Research Cores (School of Medicine)

9.55 Q&A and discussion about cores and instrumentation development -  Marsh Hall

10.05 Communicating the excitement of instrumentation and technology -  Marsh Hall

  • Angelika Hofmann, Strategic Projects and Communications Advisor to the Vice Provost for Research

10.20 What’s in a name? - Brainstorming (facilitated by K. Heeger) -  Marsh Hall

10.30 Coffee break - YSB Lobby

10.50 Core Facilities and Instrumentation Development at Yale -  Marsh Hall

11.50 Instructions for the working groups -  Marsh Hall

12.00 Lunch provided for registered participants - pick up in YSB Lobby and walk to break out rooms

12.15 Working group breakout sessions: Instrumentation and technology development across Yale.   - Various breakout rooms in YSB

  • Quantum science - David DeMille, Eric Altmann - YSB 254
  • Neuroscience - Todd Constable, Michael Higley  - YSB 101
  • Env. Sci/Ecology/Climate Change - Peter Raymond, Drew Gentner - YSB C142
  • Instrumentation development and core facilities - Lisa D’Angelo, Jun Liu - YSB 153
  • Instrumentation development, training, education - James Nikkel - YSB C143 
  • Mass Spectrometry - Mark Johnson, Noah Plavansky - YSB 253 
  • Instrumentation development in the arts and other disciplines- Anikó Bezur - YSB 251

2.30 Photography and video contests -  Marsh Hall

2.45 Results from working groups -  Marsh Hall

3:15 Coffee and social hour - YSB Lobby

4:00 Program end

For more information, questions, or comments please contact Victoria Misenti or instrumentation@yale.edu.

Sponsored by the Wright LaboratoryOffice of the Provost, and Yale University