2020 Yale Instrumentation Photography and Video Contest Winning Entries

The winning photographs and videos of the 2020 Yale Instrumentation Photography and Video Contests were announced and displayed at the Yale Day of Instrumentation on January 24, 2020 by one of the three contest judges, strategic projects and communications advisor to the vice provost for research Angelika Hofmann.  The other two judges, who were unable to attend the ceremony, were photographer Monique Atherton and director of the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media Dana Karwas.  The winning entries in the four categories of equipment, people, science and other, were:


Winner:  Sanah Bhimani, Physics/Wright Lab - Dilution refrigerator

picture of dilution fridge

Honorable Mention:  Emily Kuhn, Physics/Wright Lab - Antenna testing facility at NASA Jet Propulsion lab


Winner:  Emily Kuhn, Physics/Wright Lab - Students carrying calibration drone outside Wright Lab

people carrying drone

Honorable Mention:  Emily Kuhn, Physics/Wright Lab - Students and faculty tuning the payload on the Newburgh Lab Drone

people working on drone


Winner:  Zhenwu Zhuang, Cardiology- Pulmonary angiograms


Honorable Mention:  Emily Kuhn, Physics/Wright Lab - Liquid Nitrogen venting

ln2 in tub


Winner:  Sarah Ostresh, Chemistry - Poker chips

microscope image

Honorable Mention:  Lei Wang and Min Li , West Campus Cleanroom- Micro-sized Yale Logo

microetched logo


Winner:  Emily Kuhn, Physics/Wright Lab - HIRAX collaborative Cryostat construction

Honorable Mention:  Ziad Ganim - DNA Yoyo molecule

Slideshow of winning photographic entries (PDF, with captions)
Photo contest Submissions (PDF, with captions)