Yale Day of Instrumentation Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute talks where people either state something amazing they can measure, or state a measurement problem they would like assistance with.

A.M. Session

  1. Frontiers of radioastronomy, Laura Newburgh (Astronomy/Astrophysics)
  2. Adding optical structural characterization dimension to mass spectrometry,  Mark Johnson (Chemistry)
  3. Comprehensive imaging resources in the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center, Todd Constable (Radiology and Biomedical Imaging/Neurosurgery)
  4. Compact optical spectrometers using fibers or on white-light sources with no speckle for neuro-imaging, Hui Cao (Applied Physics)
  5. Novel methods in 3D bioprinting for vascular and intestinal replacement, John Geibel (Surgery)
  6. Mega-scale instrumentation in particle physics, Bonnie Fleming (Physics)
  7. Yale’s ion mobility-mass spectrometry facility at the Keck center, and other developments to characterize electrospray plumes, Juan Fernandez de la Mora (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science)
  8. Dragonfly telescope, Pieter van Dokkum (Astronomy)
  9. Detecting dark matter, Reina Maruyama (Physics)
  10. DNA tracing and RNA profiling in single cells with multiplexed sequential FISH, Siyuan (Steven) Wang (Genetics)
  11. Neurotechnology instrumentation development, Joel Greenwood (Neuroscience)

P.M. Session

  1. Computing with events, Rajit Manohar (Electrical Engineering)
  2. Exoplanets, measuring tiny doppler shifts, Ryan Blackman and Ryan Petersburg (Astronomy)
  3. Native mass spectrometry: A novel platform for discovering macromolecular protein assemblies, Kallol Gupta (Cell Biology) 
  4. Surface and interface physics using low energy electron microscopy and nano-optics,  Adrian Gozar (Applied Physics)
  5. Advances in scanning probe microscopy, Eric I. Altman (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)
  6. Engineering molecular tools with DNA nanotechnology, Chenxiang Lin (Cell Biology)
  7. Frontiers of cryo-EM, Yong Xiong (MB&B)
  8. Precision isotope measurements, Peter Raymond (FES)
  9. Force-Detected Absorption Spectroscopy in Solution With Optical TweezersZiad Ganim (Chemistry)
  10. Optical tweezers design for biological applications, Vladimir Polejaev (West Campus Imaging Core)
  11. Nanophotonics and nanomechanics, Alex Bruch (Engineering)