2018 Yale Day of Instrumentation Posters

Poster submissions for the 2018 Yale Day of Instrumentation poster session should be designed to fit within the confines of a provided 40” x 60” posterboard (portrait or landscape) that is held by an easel, and consist of materials that can be mounted easily with push pins.  We can accommodate paper or fabric posters, as well as pre-printed poster boards.  The posterboard, easel and push pins will be provided at the event.   Poster locations will be pre-assigned; presenters should look for the easel that corresponds  to their number in the below listing.

Posters being presented at the 2018 Yale Day of Instrumentation are:

  1. Advanced Prototyping Center, Arina Bykadorova Telles (Physics/Wright Lab)

  2. CCMI Confocal Microscopy Core overview, Al Mennone (CCMI Confocal Core)

  3. Yale Isotope Geochemistry Center, Annie Bauer (Geology and Geophysics)

  4. Flow Cytometry Facility on the YSM Campus, Geoff Lyon (Immunobiology)

  5. Intravital Imaging Facility, David Gonzalez (Immunobiology and Genetics)

  6. Yale Keck MS & Proteomics Resource: Supporting research through mass spectrometry, TuKiet Lam (MBB/Keck Biotechnology Resource Lab/YSM)

  7. Science Hill Light Microscopy Imaging Core, Joseph Wolenski (MCDB)

  8. Yale Facility for Light Scattering, Sara Hashmi (SEAS)

  9. West Campus Analytical Core, Mousumi Ghosh (West Campus Analytical Core)

  10. West Campus Imaging Core, Vladimir Polejaev (West Campus Imaging Core)

  11. West Campus Materials Characterization Core, Min Li (West Campus Materials Characterization Core)

  12. We are high throughput and you could be too, Sheila Umlauf (Yale Center for Molecular Discovery)

  13. Yale Analytical and Stable Isotope Center, Brad Errikla (Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies) 

  14. Yale West Campus Cleanroom, Lei Wang (Yale West Campus)

  15. Yale Wright Laboratory:  Transforming discovery, Karsten Heeger (Wright Lab/Physics)

  16. X-ray instrumentation for spectroscopic and diffraction characterization of materials, Fred Walker (Applied Physics)

  17. Development of force-detected nanoscale absorption spectroscopy, Ziad Ganim (Chemistry)

  18. Application of handheld Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to develop quantitative calibration curves for the analysis of heritage copper alloys, Elizabeth Coquillette (Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage)

  19. Mahogany Species Identification by Thermal Desorption GC/MS, Katherine Schilling (Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage)

  20. Noninvasive techniques for detecting chemical changes in cultural heritage objects, Katherine Schilling (Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage)

  21. Portable laser ablation sampling for elemental and isotopic ICP-MS analyses, Pablo Londero (Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage)

  22. CyTOF support efficient detection of cells in suspension and tissue, Ruth R Montgomery (Internal Medicine / School of Medicine)

  23. Measuring full mobility spectra with a differential mobility analyzer having 100 independent detectors, Luis J. Perez Lorenzo, Juan Fernandez de la Mora (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science)

  24. Aluminum nitride microchip frequency comb to advance exoplanet discovery, Ryan Petersburg (Physics)

  25. Splitting hairs from across the room: astrometric fiber poisitioning on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, David Rabinowitz (Physics/Wright Lab)

  26. Liquid Xenon purity test stand, Zepeng Li (Physics/Wright Lab)

  27. Chronopixel : A monolithic active pixel detectors for high energy experiments, Christian Weber (Physics/Wright Lab)

  28. Calibration instrumentation for HIRAX, Emily Kuhn (Physics/Wright Lab)

  29. Thermometry Integration & Calibration for the Simons Observatory, Sanah Bhimani (Physics/Cosmology/Wright Lab)

  30. Instrumentation and the HAYSTAC experiment, Kelly Backes (Physics/Wright Lab)

  31. Searching for new forces using an optical trap, Sumita Ghosh (Physics/Wright Lab)

  32. Quality assurance/control for ATLAS Phase II upgrade Barrel Tracker Stave Cores, William T. Emmett (Physics/Wright Lab)

  33. PROSPECT Neutrino Detector, Jeremy Gaison (Physics/Wright Lab)

  34. PROSPECT PMT module assembly at the Yale Wright Laboratory, Ben Foust (Physics/Wright Lab)

  35. Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, Domenico Franco (Physics/Wright Lab)

  36. The Wright Lab contribution to ALICE, Richard Majka (Physics/Wright Lab)

  37. Options for gain elements in a high rate Time Projection Chamber, Nikolai Smirnov (Physics/Wright Lab)

  38. Application of 3D Printing in Radiotherapy, Fanqing Guo (Therapeutic Radiology)

  39. Super-resolution microscopy developments in the Bewersdorf LabZach Marin (Cell Biology)

  40. Yale Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center, Eric Paulson (Yale Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center)

  41. Biophysics Core at Keck Laboratory Yale School of Medicine, Ewa Folta-Stogniew (YSM)